Event Recap: “Invisibility Only Works for Superheroes” Webinar

We had a great meeting last night! We ate some delicious food at Dickey’s BBQ, watched the “Invisibility Only Works for Superheroes” SWE Webinar, and had a great discussion afterwards. Terra Winston is a dynamic and entertaining speaker and her presentation taught us the roles that Performance, Image and Exposure play in our success in the workplace. I especially loved that she pointed out that your Image is not who you ARE but who you are KNOWN TO BE, and that you can proactively change all three factors to ensure you are widely known for your best qualities.

Here’s a link to the webinar for those who were unable to join us:

Invisibility Only Works For Superheroes

These webinars are FREE for SWE members so you can watch them on your own! I hope to schedule another webinar session this year since everyone seemed to really enjoy it!

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