Renew with Fort Worth SWE!

It’s that time again – renew your membership with Fort Worth SWE!

SWE members enjoy benefits like local section meetings, national conferences, and hundreds of hours of online learning, all designed to give women the knowledge and confidence necessary to navigate a modern work environment.

Belong to a group of women that support each other in the workplace and outside of it. Renew your membership at the new SWE AMS portal and confirm your continued SWE membership:

  1. Click the link above or paste “” into your browser URL
  2. Login with your SWE AMS credentials (NOTE: if this is your first time to login to the new portal you may have to reset your password)
  3. Select Membership > Renew
  4. Make any necessary changes and follow the instructions to complete your payment.

If you’ve recently moved into (or out of) the Fort Worth area, make sure to switch your Professional Section information accordingly. If you choose not to renew, we’d like to know why! SWE wants to give its members the best experience possible and that means being aware of all possible improvements.

SWE could not exist without members like you. We appreciate your support and can’t wait to welcome you back to Fort Worth SWE!

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